Product Sequencing- Styling Products

Product layering is relatively important because the order in which you put product on your hair WILL determine how your hair looks and maintains health. For example, if you put a sealing oil on before you put your leave-in conditioner on, the leave-in is not going to be absorbed as well. You are essentially wasting product.  There are also methods within the curly hair community, like LOC (Leave-in/Oil/Cream) versus the LCO (Leave-in/Cream/Oil) that you can experiment with to see if your responds to one better than the other. The order in which we listed our recommendations for Consciously Curly Co...

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If you have wavy, kinky, curly, or coily hair and you aren't plopping, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I'm serious. Plopping is a game changer.  Plopping is essentially a technique used to "set" your hair. Long story short, it's where you flip your hair forward, and literally plop it down into something- usually a hair cap, t-shirt, or hair-friendly towel.  The benefits of plopping include:  Helps your curls stay defined Reduces frizz Helps products soak into the hair better Helps curls to have bounce  Who should plop:  Anyone wavy, kinky, curly, or coily hair should plop. Even if you are going to put...

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Heat + Deep Conditioning

If you are deep conditioning, you should definitely consider implementing heat. Here's why:  Heat will help to open up your cuticle and help your hair absorb the deep conditioner better. It helps it to sink in as deep as it can possibly go.  It helps the active properties to adhere to the hair better.  It melts the products into the hair  Just produces better results!  Here are some ways to implement heat when deep conditioning: Option 1: If you have thin-to-normal hair, this method is easy, quick, and effective. After washing, rinse hair in hot water, apply deep conditioner, and...

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