Heat + Deep Conditioning

If you are deep conditioning, you should definitely consider implementing heat. Here's why: 

  • Heat will help to open up your cuticle and help your hair absorb the deep conditioner better. It helps it to sink in as deep as it can possibly go. 
  • It helps the active properties to adhere to the hair better. 
  • It melts the products into the hair 
  • Just produces better results! 

Here are some ways to implement heat when deep conditioning:

Option 1: If you have thin-to-normal hair, this method is easy, quick, and effective. After washing, rinse hair in hot water, apply deep conditioner, and cover with a plain old shower cap. You can just do all three of these steps in the shower. The heat from the hot water gets trapped in the cap and helps the deep conditioner to absorb better. Leave on for 30-40 minutes and rinse in cool water. 

Option 2:  Another way to implement heat without having to buy any special equipment is to pour hot water over a Jersey-towel or t-shirt and wrap your hair in it, then cover it with a cap. This is a great option for anyone with thick hair that needs to work in sections as your hair may cool off as you section. You will want to prep hot your water for your towel first. Next, wash hair and rinse in hot water. Apply deep conditioner, sectioning if needed. Then, take a strainer and place jersey towel in it. Over the sink, pour hot water over towel. Wrap hair with towel and cover with cap. Leave on for 30-40 minutes and rinse in warm or cool water. 

This is my (Dom's) go-to method. While you do want to be careful not to burn yourself when handling the hot water, the steam feels amazing on your scalp and you can move around as opposed to using a steamer or hooded dryer. I (Dom) typically do all of my hair treatments on days that I clean house so I can freely rock this ridiculous look. 

Option 3: You can also use a microwavable heat cap, follow option 1 then cover with the heat cap. Leave on for 30-40 minutes and rinse in warm or cool water. This one is nice because it also allows you to be mobile. 

Option 4: Use a hooded dryer. Follow steps in option 1 then sit under hooded dryer for 30-40 minutes. Rinse out in warm or cool water. While you kind of have to stay put with this one, you can use this time for the ultimate home spa day: mani-pedi, face mask, etc. 

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