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If you have wavy, kinky, curly, or coily hair and you aren't plopping, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I'm serious. Plopping is a game changer. 

Plopping is essentially a technique used to "set" your hair. Long story short, it's where you flip your hair forward, and literally plop it down into something- usually a hair cap, t-shirt, or hair-friendly towel. 

The benefits of plopping include: 

  • Helps your curls stay defined
  • Reduces frizz
  • Helps products soak into the hair better
  • Helps curls to have bounce 

Who should plop: 

Anyone wavy, kinky, curly, or coily hair should plop. Even if you are going to put your hair right into a protective style, it is beneficial to plop first.  

My (Dom's) standard is, anytime my hair gets wet, it gets plopped. I actually double-plop, which is explained below. I have low-porosity hair, and when I apply products or wash my hair, I typically do it in warm water so that they are received well and soaked up by my hair. By plopping, the heat gets trapped into the cap and helps the product seep into my strands. 

How to plop: 

There are a few different ways to plop. I will cover three here. To prevent confusion, I will give steps for if you are washing your hair. Similar steps are taken for refreshing, though. 

1. Plopping using a shower cap.

This one is really easy and convenient. I love it because it allows me to step out of the shower with my hair already up in a cap so I don't even risk frizzing it up. I also do not enjoy wet hair touching me (I'm weird, I know) so this is a huge bonus for me. 

  • Before getting into the shower, or getting your hair wet, grab your shower cap for easy access. 
  • Wash hair and apply leave-in conditioner of choice. 
  • Flip hair forward and set your hair into the cap. 
  • Continue to wash your body, shave, or whatever else, your hair is out of your way! 
  • Leave in plop for 15-20 minutes. I leave my hair in this plop the entire time I am drying off, and moisturizing my face and body. 

2. Plopping using a towel. 

You don't want to use any-old towel as traditional towels are harsh on hair. Use a t-shirt or jersey-towel which will not cause frizz or breakage. You can't quite do this one in the shower, but it will keep your hair out of your way as you moisturize and get ready. 

  • Before getting into the shower, or getting your hair wet, lay out your towel on a chair, bed, or counter. 
  • Wash hair and apply leave-in conditioner of choice. 
  • Before you step out of the shower, flip your hair forward and scrunch it toward the scalp to squeeze out excess water.
  • When you step out of shower, do not towel-dry your hair. 
  • Wrap your towel around you, then go straight to your plop setup. 
  • Flip hair forward and set your hair onto the towel. 
  • Fold back of towel over back of head
  • Roll front of towel toward front of head
  • Bring sides to back and tie into a knot. 
  • Leave in plop for 15-20 minutes.

3. Double plop. 

This is really just combining the two plop-methods. It's my method-of-choice and always produces the best results for me. 

  • I wash my hair in the shower and apply my herbal growth oil, botanical spray, and leave in conditioner
  • I flip my hair forward and set it into a shower cap
  • I leave it in this cap for 15-20 mins while I moisturize my body with our body butter
  • I then apply my curl cream or gel (sometimes both) and oil. My hair is still wet since it was in a cap. 
  • If I am going to finger curl or denman brush my hair, I do it before the second plop.
  • Once the stylers are applied, I set my hair into the towel plop. 
  • I leave it in the towel plop for 15-20 minutes while I get dressed, and do my makeup. 
  • I take it out of the plop and spray it with heat + UV protectant. 
  • I let it air dry for 30 minutes (sometimes more) then I diffuse and pick it. 

This method always gives me the best results! 

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