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"Elevate" Essential Oil Roller
Consciously Curly Co

"Elevate" Essential Oil Roller

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10ml glass bottle with Stainless Steel Roller

Our Elevate essential oil roller is a synergistic blend of grounding, uplifting and protective essential oils that help to elevate and protect your energy. 

Use anytime you want to protect your energy or feel grounded. It is also a great blend for meditation and intention-setting / manifestation practices. 

Elevate contains a clear quartz crystal that will add to the benefits of this roller. Clear quartz is know as a "master healer" because it is able to amplify energy and thought. It is thought to balance and revitalize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.  It acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.  

Please see the "More Information" tab.


- Palo Santo E.O is a purifying and healing oil. It promotes protection and increased vitality. Ours is sourced sustainably- please see the "More Information" Tab to learn more.

- Sage E.O is protective, cleansing, and helps dispel negative energy.

- Vetiver E.O is a calming and grounding oil that promotes positive mood.

- Lemon E.O reduces anxiety and depression, relieves pain, improves cold symptoms, and helps you feel energized.

- Lavender E.O reduces anxiety stress, and depression. It is calming and grounding. 

-Vanilla calms the mind


Elevate Mantra: I am divinely protected. I am in alignment with my higher self. I am open to receiving prosperity and abundance in my life. I am grounded and safe. 


Roll into palms. Rub hands together and cup over nose. Close your eyes and breathe 3-5 deep breaths into your belly. Focus on your stomach expanding as opposed to your chest. Repeat: "I am divinely protected. I am in alignment with my higher self. I am open to receiving prosperity and abundance in my life. I am grounded and safe."

You may also rub onto scalp, chest, temples, and any other pressure points. 

    Not for internal use. Avoid getting in eyes. Flush immediately if you get into your eye. 


    Conscious Checklist

    Our Rollers are:

    ✔️ Vegan. Plant-based; Cruelty-free; Never tested on animals.

    ✔️ Non-toxic

    ✔️ Naturally-derived

    ✔️ Low-impact

    ✔️ Made in small batches

    ✔️ Biodegradable

    ✔️ Paraben-Free

    ✔️ Phthalate-Free

    ✔️ Formaldehyde-free

    ✔️ Sulfate Free

    ✔️ Silicone Free

    ✔️ Petroleum-free

    ✔️ Ethanol-free (drying alcohols)


    Our Rollers come in 10mL glass bottles with Stainless Steel Balls. 


    Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of: Palo Santo, Sage, Vetiver, Lemon, Lavender, Vanilla.

    More Information

    The supplier that we buy our Palo Santo Essential Oil from offers oil that "is distilled from sustainably cultivated wood that comes from a 50 acre farm in Ecuador that contains both naturally occurring and replanted Palo Santo. They have replanted over 5000 Palo Santo trees on the land so far to ensure adequate supply for the future."

    We (Consciously Curly Co) are aware that cultural appropriation is a real and we are sensitive to the subject. We feel it is necessary to disclaim that Consciously Curly Co does not claim to be the original creators behind cleansing with sage and Palo Santo. These are practices that have been around for centuries are credited to indigenous peoples of America, Peru, Ecuador, and other parts of Southern America.

    We do not promote the sacred act of smudging, that is a spiritual practice to Indigenous cultures, as a trend or something to be disrespected.

    Here are a few places you can learn more about Palo Santo sustainability and cleansing practices/history.


    This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease If you have any irritations in response to using these products, stop immediately, and see a medical professional to determine if you have a sensitivity or allergy.