We Are For Everyone


I chose the name Consciously Curly Co. because as a black woman with curly hair, I was never able to find sustainable products for my hair type. I’d come across one or two companies that catered to textured hair and claimed to be sustainable. With little research, I always found that in some way or another, their claims weren’t very supported as they always packaged in plastic or used ingredients known to be environmentally detrimental. On the other hand, companies that were packaging sustainably and used environmentally-friendly ingredients never had products for my hair type. I finally decided to start making my own. I fell in love with the craft and eventually decided to share what I’ve grown to be so passionate about.


By including ‘Curly’ in the company name, I hope to signal others like me who have textured hair but also want to be environmentally-conscious consumers. That being said, the number one question I get asked is if will our products work on straight hair. ABSOLUTELY! These products will also serve you if your hair is straight. Please feel free to email me or send me a DM on Instagram if you need help finding the right product for you! I am happy to help.