Consciously Curly Co

Origin Story

Consciously Curly Co. began as a few simple products that I made for myself in an effort to care better for my hair and  the environment. 

I was living in southern Utah. In a van. I worked in Zion National Park, was obsessed with photography, and was going to university for biology and environmental science. Before you paint a clear picture of me, though, let me also say this: I got my lashes done, like clockwork, every two weeks, too. I don't think living more sustainably means sacrificing every single aspect of your life. I believe there is room within a sustainable lifestyle for luxuries that make us feel our best.

So there I was- lashes on point, cooking my dinners under an open sky, near crackling fires, stunning sandstone cliffs behind me. Life was good. 

I had made so many mindful swaps and had gotten clear on what I was, and was not willing to compromise for the sake of a more sustainable lifestyle.

As a biracial, black woman, hair products are a pillar of my self-care routine; but cleaner, more sustainable options for my kinky-curly hair were scarce, if available at all.  

The more I learned about the products I was using, however, the less I could justify using them. 

Aside from the hair products I used being packaged in plastic, the ingredients they contained such as silicones, cetrimonium chloride, sulfates, phthalates, and so many more are horrible for the environment. Most of them aren't great for us, either. So many of us don’t realize how many ingredients in hair products are hormone-disrupting, carcinogenic, ground-water-contaminating toxins. It's seriously scary. 

So in 2017, I started making my own products and packaged them in glass mason jars. It started off with a basic flaxseed gel, and some whipped shea butter with essential oils. I quickly realized that wasn't enough. I wasn't getting the results I wanted. It was also very inconvenient to have to make product every week as they would spoil quickly. But I believed it was possible to have good results with good ingredients, so I kept trying . 

I dove deep into formulating books, learned how to safely preserve formulations, researched cleaner alternatives, and put them all to the test. I was committed. I kept evolving the products and expanding the ingredients. My hair absolutely flourished (before and after photos below).

As time went on, I found myself getting frustrated at the lack of inclusivity within the sustainable corner of self-care. I decided that everyone deserves access to luxurious, non-toxic hair-care that doesn't devastate the environment. I opened Consciously Curly Co in 2020 and haven't looked back since. 

So here we are. You will find a variety of powerhouse ingredients in our products- from organic mushrooms (more on this here), to unrefined, organic butters and oils, as well as organic herbs. Equally important to these all-natural ingredients are the biodegradable, naturally-derived ingredients that you'll find in our products. These really help to give the results you're after without the ick you're avoiding. 

I value transparency at CCC and take the effectiveness of our products seriously. Their impact on the earth and your health is just as important to me. 

I hope Consciously Curly Co. leaves you feeling like your best while also helping you live more consciously.  

All my love, 

Dominiqe, Owner + Founder

left is before, right is after

My curls lacked bounce and definition. They lacked shape and were just generally damaged.

left is before, right is after

It was always frizzy and did not have the definition I now have.

left is before, right is after

I had a lot of curls that would just go flat and almost straight.

origin story Photos for reference