Shine Serum

Shine Serum

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Full Size: 2oz / 60 ml

For all hair types in any climate. 

This shine serum is great for fine and straight hair, or to be used to add shine with heat styling. It is silicone-free, naturally-derived, very lightweight, and leaves your hair glossy and protected.  

 Daikon seed extract comes from the Daikon Radish. It  absorbs quickly into skin and hair and is extremely light. It has a fatty acid composition that distinguishes it from all other oils and imparts a healthy shine onto dull and damaged hair. 

Abyssinian oil improves hair's manageability, shine, and moisture. It acts as a shield against irritants. Since the oil is easily absorbed by the hair, it boosts shine and condition and promotes glossiness.



Raphanus Sativus (Daikon Radish) Seed Extract, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate (plant derived), Jojoba Esters, *Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Crambe *Abyssinica (Abyssian) Seed Oil, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, *Vitis Vinifera Seed (Grapeseed) Oil, *Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Flower Oil.*Indicates Certified Organic Ingredient

Apply to wet or dry hair, focusing on the ends or damaged areas. Style as preferred. 

Not for internal use. Avoid getting in your eyes. Flush immediately if you get into your eye. 

The scent is from grapefruit and jasmine with notes of vanilla. It is rich, sweet, fruity, and sensual. Jasmine has a slight animalistic edge that smells tenacious and musky. The combination of feminine sweetness and masculine wildness make the smell of jasmine universally attractive. Grapefruit not only smells exhilarating and fresh, it also protects your strands for damaging UV rays. 

This product comes in a glass bottle. The bottle may shatter if dropped.

The dropper is plastic and rubber with a glass tube. The tube may chip or shatter if dropped. 

There are no sharp edges in the packaging.

The bottle may be slippery when wet. 

Packaged in recyclable glass bottles. The dropper cap is plastic and glass. 

2 oz glass bottle with dropper 2 oz glass bottle with aluminum lid for refills. 

- Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled an endless amount of times, making it a very sustainable option.

To order a refill, simply select "refill" in the choice dropdown.

Hold on to your dispenser. 

We will send you a bottle with an aluminum lid.

This topical is preservative-free. Avoid getting water in it.

It is good for 12 months prior to opening. We recommend using it within 6 months after opening. 

Pipette hot water through your dropper to clear out the product.

Keep your dropper and order a refill in the choice dropdown. 

Remove label(s) and place in the trash.  

Wash out any residue in the glass bottle with soap.   

Place the glass bottle in glass recycling.

✔️ Vegan- no animal-products or byproducts 

✔️Cruelty-free; Never tested on animals.

✔️ Non-toxic

✔️ Mica + Titanium Dioxide-free 

✔️ Artificial Color-free

✔️ Naturally-derived

✔️ Low-impact

✔️ Refillable

✔️ Made in small batches

✔️ Biodegradable

✔️ Paraben-Free

✔️ Phthalate-Free

✔️ Formaldehyde-free

✔️ Sulfate Free

✔️ Silicone Free

✔️ Petroleum-free

✔️ Ethanol-free (drying alcohols) 

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The Shipping materials used are all compostable or recyclable. Learn more about this here. 

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any irritations in response to using these products, stop immediately, and see a medical professional to determine if you have a sensitivity or allergy.